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Elite Automotive Interior & Exterior Detailing Package

This service will suit and benefit 98% of our customer looking for auto detailing in Lee County, auto detailing in Charlotte County, auto detailing in Sarasota County and auto detailing in Manatee County.

This service is great for coupes, sedans, wagons, SUV’s, mini vans, pickup trucks, passenger vans, and cargo vans looking for  auto detailing in Lee County, auto detailing in Charlotte County, auto detailing in Sarasota County and auto detailing in Manatee County.


Our Elite Automotive Interior & Exterior Detailing Package includes a single stage paint correction service and the following tasks:

This paint correction services delivers a significant transformation in the condition of the paint can be achieved. We can usually remove 50-70% of swirls, and light defects on softer paints (like Lexus, Toyota), whereas on harder paints (like Mercedes Benz, BMW) this could be a 30-50%. There are different variables that can dictate just how much correction you can safely achieve in a single stage correction process. 

  • Mobile service to your location
  • Interior and exterior award-winning detail service
  • Vacuum interior and trunk (seats removed if possible) 
  • Shampoo interior carpets and seats
  • Deep cleaning of all (vents, cup holders, door panels, instrument cluster, steering wheel, dashboard, all nooks crannies and crevices, etc.)
  • Clean and condition leather surfaces and seats
  • Iron and Fallout removal on both paint and tires
  • Condition and protect vinyl’s and plastics 
  • High intensity stain pre-treatment on all carpeted surfaces including headliner
  • Rubber seals protected and dressed
  • Full headliner cleaning
  • Through hand wash and hand dry with chamois
  • Clay bar entire vehicle including windows 
  • Clean, degrease and dress door jambs
  • Clean all windows and mirrors inside and out with streak free finish
  • Clean rims, tires and wheel wells
  • Dress tires and wheel wells
  • Shine and protect all plastics
  • Application of extremely high quality sealant 
  • Single stage paint correction
  • Clean and polish exhaust tips
  • Bug, tar and light sap removal 
  • Interior air freshener  

Pricing: choose one, your choice of protection.

Ceramic Silica Spray Sealant (8 months)

Cars $525 | Mid-Size $600  | Over-Size $788

BLACKFIRE (1-2 years)

Cars $650 | Mid-Size $725  | Over-Size $838

Crystal Serum Light (1.5-2.5 years)

Cars $725 | Mid-Size $805  | Over-Size $953

Dr. Beasley’s Nano-Resin (2.5-3.5 years)

Cars $875 | Mid-Size $943 | Over-Size $1,185

*This is the starting price for vehicles in average condition. Any vehicle with excess soiling, stains or dog hair will be an additional charge.

Owners note about pricing.

The critical part of my car detailing prices is that I give a starting point. The obvious reason is that not all cars are created equal just as not all cars are equally dirty. 

I have an exceptionally critical eye, trained to dissect the tiniest of nuances and find that most people don't require that level of service in which most people lack the ability to discern the difference. This is a kind way of saying that "if you can't appreciate, understand, or see it, then why pay for it". Also, the service above will accommodate 98% of my customer base with the last 2% being unique individuals with a hyper-critical eye who truly demand and can appreciate the endless nuances and details that most people would glaze over. 

I am a flexible individual and understand that ultimately, I not only work for you, but it is your money, and your vehicle. When I show up for our scheduled detail appointment I will spend the initial first few minutes to look over and discuss any specific concerns you may have and assess your top priorities along with your specific budget.

With every vehicle there are always areas or ways in which to save some time and money if you as the vehicle owner are not overly concerned with these areas; a trunk is one such example. And as a person, you may simply prefer to stick to an exact budget and allow me to deliver the best service based on your budget and particular areas of concern. As a rule, I operate though it is my vehicle and my money being spent, and deliver service accordingly.

Once again, I always perform with the goal to develop long term relationships and over-delivering has always proven to be effective strategy for this.

For auto detailing in Lee County, auto detailing in Charlotte County, auto detailing in Sarasota County and auto detailing in Manatee County call , text or email me anytime with any questions you may have.

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